Win 10 connects to WAP but No Internet

Windows 10 connects to Cisco WAP - says secured - but No Internet. Turned off Firewall but no affect. Pls help! : )
D. DeignanIT ManagerAsked:
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Is access control enabled on the Cisco WAP? If it's configured to only allow MAC addresses in its list to connect and the MAC address of your WLAN adapter isn't on that list, you won't get any internet...
please open

Win --> CommandPrompt --> ipconfig /all

Note the Default gateway and DNS servers PRI and SEC

Please type

Please ping your gateway and both DNS servers and let me know the results

ping (IP)
Or Alternately you can screenshot the output of

ipconfig /all and post to this forum
Usually this means the Cisco WAP is not correctly connected to the internet. How did you connect it to the internet?
D. DeignanIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. When I do ipconfig I do not get any network settings showing up as it thinks it is not connected.
I may be that there is something wrong with the Win 10 communicating with the Cisco WAP 121 ....
The WAP is directly wired to the Verizon router. The wireless is working though, as phones can use it,
but just not this PC. The Lan card the PC uses is a REaltek 802.11n PCI-E nic card.

Any other ideas on what to try next?
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