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I just set up an Win7 box. Before I proceed, I would like to create an image. I follow

My question is, it seems that I will need a lot of dics to do the image, right?  or I am doing it wrong.  thanks
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ITguy565Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Usually you would do this to a removable hard drive not a CD or DVD..  If you do it to a removable HD then it only requires a single disk. If you do it to CD / DVD then it will take multiple disks depending on the data you want to backup.
mcrmgAuthor Commented:
I see, I guess this is what I want to achieve.  We have about 10 Dell XPS that have exact same specs. I want to create an image so I can use across the board in case I need to reinstall OS.

What is the way to achieve this? thanks
fred hakimRetired ITCommented:
Use a bootable drive imaging software, many free ones are available from  Paragon, Macrium reflect, Aoemi backupper and more.   I like Lazesoft suite for this sort of thing.   It has imaging and cloning capability and also has a stable of tools to help repair Windows start up issues.   It can create a bootable USB or DVD/CD.   The latest version gives an option to create a UEFI bootable or Legacy bootable device -- select wisely.  


Lazesoft will see your local drives, USB connected drives and Network.  So you can save the image file anywhere that would also be accessible from the other PCs yo want to create.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
A full Windows Image with compression without extra application should fit in a DVD or two...just remember to disable hibernation to minimize the footprint along with any temp files.
i hope you don't get in trouble with licencing - MS is rather picky on that
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