Run Fortran program from Matlab

I need to wrap a Fortran program to run from Matlab.  Has anyone done this before?  I did not find much information in my search.  Thank you for any help you can give.
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Florian LenschowCommented:
I used to do this with c++ source files, which is accomplished using the mex-interface. It also supports Fortran (Fortran Source File mex. If I remember correctly, you will need to fit your program to the general Matlab function signature using the functions mex provides. The resulting file can be compiled to a binary mex file, that can be called from Matlab. I haven't worked with Fortran so I can't really go into detail here. I hope the link is helpful.
newtoperlpgmAuthor Commented:
I tried but had not luck with the current version of Matlab.  Thank you though.
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