How to create rules on an Outlook shared mailbox?

I had this question after viewing How to Create a rule for a shared mail box in outlook 2010.

Unfortunately, all the links in the solutions seem to be dead. Anyone with an updated answer for Outlook 2016?
David BigelowStaff Operations SpecialistAsked:
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FOXConnect With a Mentor Active Directory/Exchange EngineerCommented:
Your best bet would be to open the Shared Mailbox in OWA and create your inbox rules for the shared mailbox there.

Open your email in OWA, then "Open another mailbox"
Enter the email address or the displayname of the shared mailbox and then open it when found in the directory.
Once the shared mailbox is open click the gear icon and in the search box type in the word rules
Go to the inbox rules section and start creating your rules
David BigelowStaff Operations SpecialistAuthor Commented:
I forget exactly how since I set the rules up last week,, but the directions weren't as straight forward as they could have been and took some digging around. Anyway, I've been monitoring it for the trigger criteria and it works perfectly. Thank you!
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