Outlook 2016 changing the focus for highlighted emails.

This is interesting in its extreme nature what people want / say 'it worked that way before', etc.

New install of office 2016 home and business on a new HP laptop in windows 10 after hard drive died on an older computer and they had no backups.

In outlook, with inbox sorted with newest by time stamp on top.

They highlight an email (it gets a blue highlight) and delete it.  The fucus / blue highlight moves DOWN to the next oldest email.  

They say the want / outlook 2011 did it / this install did it for a little bit yesterday:  The highlight should move UP to the next NEWEST email.

I have office 365 Outlook 2016 and it does the move down.

Is there a setting somewhere about how the focus / highlighted email moves after a delete?  

to recap, if they have these email time stamps (newest on top)


and delete 8AM, the focus moves to 7AM.

They WANT the focus to move the 9AM.  I'm not seeing it in my outlook.  Anyone know a setting for that?
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Never heard of such setting. And for me it has always moved "down".
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
Hi!  I'm asking advice here, NOT questioning your knowledge at all!!!!  NOT trying to poke at you at atll!!!!

PLEASE keep that in mind!

Maybe I take things too personal. I put myself out there as an IT consultant.  I guess I do realize that 'you can't know everything'.

Besides posting here, I DID do some googling about 'settings to control focus after delete' and came up empty, I think Outlook is used by a few people in the world and it;s been out for a few years  <g>.... if there's a setting for something in Outlook, someone else might have posted something about it at some point....

I told the user that I came up empty.  other consultants (you and someone else in a yahoo forum said basically the same thing).

Last night, I got this email:

I think I figured out how to delete from the bottom up.  
 File, Options, Mail, Other, After moving or deleting an open item, open the previous item.  

DAMN!  She's right! : )

I congratulated her on finding it and asked how she came up with it.  She said she was just poking around.  I told her the line about the 80 / 20 rule - 80% of users of an app only use 20% of the features.

I guess you can't know everything about every app (and even if you did, Microsoft and others move / change it in the next release : )

That's an obscure setting though, right? Really got to go all the way to the bottom of the list of options to find that.  And not in the 'usual' format of a checkbox at the start of the line.  It does make sense they have that in there though, right?  

And it talks of deleting an OPEN item. I guess, kinda bad wording?  I wouldn't think (if I had seen that setting) that just highlighting an item in the list of emails would be considered an open item.

But a quick check and that setting DOES seem to control what she wanted : )

Any thoughts about trying to know everything / the client finding the answer that you couldn't?  Any profound thoughts on how you live your life with regards to this?
BeGentleWithMe-INeedHelpAuthor Commented:
Please see my last note : )
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