Office 365 Domains - 'Possible Service Issues' Keeps showing up - Different SPF Record

Working on getting a Hybrid Exchange 2010/Office 365 system with no Warnings on the domains.
I'm trying to get rid of the Warnings in the Office Portal under Home> Domains.
Many of them have "Possible Service Issues"  Mail is flowing to/from Internet/On-Premise/O365 (for the Most Part)

Since we are in a Hybrid setup and some users are not yet Migrated to O365, the Mail can originate from the On-Premise server.
The Only Error in the DNS Check is the SFP TXT Record.

TXT records
One or more of these records haven't been added correctly yet.

 Expected record	 	 @	 v=spf1 -all	No records found
 Actual record		 @ v=spf1 mx ip4: ip4: ip6:fe80::c530:2fc8:c944:bbe -all 

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I need to have the other SPF Record since mail is still being sent from the On-Premise server for the users not yet migrated (MX Entries) and for our Mass Email Providers.

I click the "Ignore Incorrect DNS" and the Warning goes away.  Then at some point (I did 15 Domains Yesterday) they all show up again as Possible Service Issues and have the Warning icon next to them.   Can I really just Ignore them or should I do something else?

I know I could setup the On-Premise server to route all mail through the O365 Server as a Smart Host, though seems like an extra hop thats not needed.

Scott TownsendIT DirectorAsked:
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yes you can ignore those errors

as autodiscover will remain onpremise only which is one possible issue from O365 stand point
also MX is still pointing to onpremise, that is also possible service issue
any otherdns records suggested by O365 such as Enterpriseregistration etc, that's not be an issue

In case of SPF, you need to ensure that you have only1 SPF record per domain
O365 spf should be added to existing SPF record as included lookup
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