Is it possible to build a customized taskbar for all users?

On our Microsoft Surface PC running Windows 10, we would like to customize the taskbar with our "own" apps and get rid of those default ones placed there by Microsoft, i.e. Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Store and Mail. So if possible, we would like to make up our own taskbar and populate it with pinned apps that we have installed and that our students will use. The goal is to do this in a way that even if you log in to a newly created account, this "custom taskbar" with our chosen pinned apps will appear every time, without us having to recreate the taskbar as soon as we add a new user account. Is this possible?
Dag WoltersAsked:
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McKnifeCommented: tells you how to proceed to add additional item to the taskbar - try that, first, and if it works, let's see how you can unpin edge and mail. It should be found on the net quickly.
Tahir should link where to obtain sabicon.
Dag WoltersAuthor Commented:
@McKnife I did not understand your last comment?
There was a comment here that user Tahir seems to have deleted. It showed syntax for an external command line tool that could be used to script pinning and unpinning easily. Looked good, but their site seems to be under maintenance today. See their YouTube promotional video:
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