I have a .OST file whith 3gb of data, and i need open it!!

I have a .OST file whith 3gb of data, and i need open it!!  Exchange is not a option, and the file cannot be recreated online.
Sabat SantosIT hardware professionalAsked:
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use Outlook's export function to create a PST file, as long as the .ost file can be accessed when you open Outlook (whether online of offline).

Read How to Export to an Outlook PST File

If you can't access the OST you will need a trird party tool (cost money) I would recommend OST to PST Converter Tool to Convert Orphaned OST File into Usable PST
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
SysToolsData Expert - Recovery,Backup,MigrationCommented:
I can understand your issue and suggesting you to use third party solution to open any size of OST file without Exchange. Yes!! Now it's possible to open any size of ost file without Exchange server. Let's see the below-mentioned steps;

Step 1: Install & run the SysTools OST to PST Converter Software on your Windows-based machine.
Step 2: Hit the "Add File" button from the menu bar.
Step 3: Browse the .ost file location.
Step 4: After adding the ost file software will first perform scan process and repair the corrupt data if there exist.
Step 5:
You can Preview and Export the desired data by choosing "Export" option
Step 6: Choose PST radio button and apply the filter as well if required.
Step 7: Finally, the software will allow you to open OST file in Outlook.

Let me know if you need any further assistance !!
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Sandeep KumarAssociate ConsultantCommented:
To access OST file data of any size in absence of Exchange Server, use Kernel OST Viewer tool. It is so advanced tool which can provide access to OST emails with ease. It can access corrupted OST files too. Go to https://www.nucleustechnologies.com/ost-viewer.html to know more about the application and download the tool which is free to use and works with healthy and corrupted OST files.
Sabat SantosCommented:
Thank you all for the effort, but I was able to restore the file without spending my money on solutions that Microsoft itself should offer in a complimentary way.
First, I performed a series of "System Restores" on the PC until I got a date before the problem that was working. This caused the e-mail account to work again, but immediately, the IMAP setup started a new synchronization, creating a new OST file.
Then, I activated the WORK OFF LINE function and closed Outlook 2016. I navigated to the folder where the new OST file was being created, I replaced it with the old 3gb file, and since both had the same name and were created for the same account in the same one Outlook, when reopening the program the file was accepted and the folders all opened.
I then exported everything to a PST file so as to prevent IMAP synchronization from deleting the files.
That's how I saved myself, I was lucky.
NEVER use IMAP again, not before Microsoft corrects this rudeness, or change your security policy with offline backup of that service. I do not agree that I have to resort to paid tools of a "black market" that she ended up creating with this atitute.

Thanks again to all.
All comments anser the Author original question. However the author chose a different path which has nothing to do with his original question which apparent was not so clear beacuse you could understand that reason that the OST could not be accessed is because the exchange server is not available for the user anymore.

Since the experts gave relevant answers for the question - they should be awarded - even if the Author chose a different path.
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