Centrally manage hundreds of Cisco routers/switches' ACLs

Is there a product to centrally manange hundreds of Cisco routers/switches ACLs ?
Can TACACS+ do this.

By management, need to be able to see how many hits on a specific rule in ACL,
add/remove/amend ACLs without logging into each router/switch.

It's been ages: an ACL needs to be completely removed, amended & then reapplied
back on the interface : is there something easier like the way Firewall rules can
be changed on-the-fly?
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Benjamin Van DitmarsCommented:
CSM is not for free, you need to buy device licenses. it's software you can run on windows server 2008r2. 2012(r2) and 2016


TACACS is for authentication. and csm is for monitoring, en central deployment of configuration.
Benjamin Van DitmarsCommented:
for this you can use cisco CSM. to central manage and monitor cisco switches, router and firewall's
sunhuxAuthor Commented:
Does Cisco CSM comes free or we have to purchase?  
Is it an appliance or we can install on a Windows PC?

If it's chargeable, would rather explore our existing TACACS+  which is an appliance
Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
Q2:  When I need to alter an ACL, I copy it to a text editor.  Make the change.  Then change the name of the ACL (usually add a version number to the end of the name).  Copy it back to the router (now you have two ACL's).  Finally, change the access-group command on the interface to reference the new ACL.

This way, there is always an ACL in force and if anything goes wrong, you can switch back to the old ACL in a second.

After some period of time, I will delete the old ACL.  Usually a couple of weeks.
Benjamin Van DitmarsCommented:
You dont have to do this when you use CSM, CSM has it's own version control build in, and easy to go back to a earlier version.

and it has an user interface to edit rules and stuff. there is a demo version available to try for 60 or 90 days.
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