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If anyone is familiar with knack I'm hoping you can help me out.

I'm trying to create a basic Genealogy App. I have an object with several fields. Two of the fields (Mother and Father) are connections to two separate objects with the same name. That way someone can just select their correct mother or father using the drop down or search.

As people fill out the info and add their name, select their mother/father and in general populate the objects, I was hoping to be able to add pages and views that would show children, siblings, etc. But I'm stuck trying to get this connected correctly in a view or search.

Maybe I need more objects for the app to know who's who? I was thinking that based on who the mother/father is, it would know who the children and siblings are.

but then again, my brain isn't a database brain and I'm probably doing this all wrong.
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OK, got it.

Look at ZOO easy ( for ideas. Maybe the free version will cover some of your needs. And I believe the paid version should help better than the paid Knack access.
Why are you reinventing the wheel?
Such applications exist already. Look at or

Or look at this comparison:
msidnamAuthor Commented:
I'm building this for a specific type of animals. Part of my fields will include breeder, owner and a few others that are not on a typical human family tree.
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