Google sheets to use a web calculator.

How can I use google sheets to use a web calculator.
Enter Amount, Term, & Interest Rate & return the 2 resulting values given by the calculator into the google sheet
Steve HarrisAsked:
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mohan singhWeb developerCommented:
yes Mr ZVITAM is correct use formulas and create function

 create function like this

function interest($invest,$year,$rate=15,$n=1){
    if ($year > 1){
    $accumulated += $invest;
    $accumulated = $accumulated * pow(1 + $rate/(100 * $n),$n);
    return $accumulated;

you implement the calculator within google sheets by using formulas & functions.
Steve HarrisAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply. I did try to do this in Sheets;but, in this situation I'd need to use "GoalSeek" which is not available.

Sub Calculate()

   Sheets("Amort").Range("N22").Offset(rowOffset:=Sheets("Amort").Range("J5").Value, columnOffset:=0).GoalSeek Goal:=0, ChangingCell:=Sheets("Amort").Range("P10")
   Sheets("Amort").Range("W22").Offset(rowOffset:=Sheets("Amort").Range("J5").Value, columnOffset:=0).GoalSeek Goal:=0, ChangingCell:=Sheets("Amort").Range("P12")
   Sheets("Amort").Range("AY22").Offset(rowOffset:=Sheets("Amort").Range("J5").Value, columnOffset:=0).GoalSeek Goal:=0, ChangingCell:=Sheets("Amort").Range("P14")
End Sub

W22, N22, AY22 are the Loan amount 25,000.
J5 is 240 (20 Years)

My other alternative is to scrape the data from web, see picture attached
Steve HarrisAuthor Commented:
Thanks again,
I've created a new question for this at:

Google sheets to enter Amount in a Special web calculator
Steve HarrisAuthor Commented:
I am closing this as I have Asked a new Question at:
Google sheets to enter Amount in a Special web calculator
Posted on 2018-04-25

Which better defines what I am looking for.
I thank those that gave me new insight into php
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