SQL: Can you combine LIKE and IN within a single query?


Can you combine LIKE and IN within a single MYSQL query?

I have a list of codes I need to search for something like this

select * FROM mytable WHERE codes LIKE '%ABC%' OR code LIKE '%XYZ%';

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The problem is the column codes  contains a coma separated list eg "ABC,EFG,XYZ"  so a standard IN clause wont work
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
Well, normalization is your friend. Otherwise you need a string split function. Using the built-in (SQL Server 2016+):

DECLARE @Unnormalized TABLE
        Payload NVARCHAR(255) NOT NULL

INSERT INTO @Unnormalized ( Payload )
VALUES ( N'abc,efg,xyz' ) ,
       ( N'abc,xyz' ) ,
       ( N'efg,xyz' ) ,
       ( N'xyz' ) ,
       ( N'efg' ) ,
       ( N'abc' );

FROM   @Unnormalized U
                  FROM   STRING_SPLIT(U.Payload, ',') SS
                  WHERE  SS.value IN ( 'abc', 'xyz' ));

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trevor1940Author Commented:
I went with first comment because it is simpler to code via external perl script
Also The second comment mentions  Using the built-in (SQL Server 2016+) unsure if MYSQL has this function
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