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Hi guys,
we recently purchased HP notebooks HP 250 G6 Intel Core i3-6006U 4GB DDR3 1 DIMM 500 GB 5400rpm DVD+/-RW - Fixed NO 56K Intel 3168 AC 1x1 BLUETOOTH 15.6 HD LCD Mobile Intel Graphics Media Accelerator WINDOWS 10 Emerging Markets 64

Take not of the OS- Windows 10 Emerging Markets 64- I assume this is the same as single license?
Where can I find a statement/information from Microsoft directly to confirm that this particular operating system is allowed for business use- not talking about functionality but licensing terms? I normally had a number I could phone but it seems Microsoft discontinued use of this number for my licensing queries
Reinert WentzelManaging MemberAsked:
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Windows 10 Emerging Markets 64 is a variant of Win 10 Home with a fixed single language option .  It sounds from your question that you are looking for a Pro license so would need to upgrade - most of the business functions will be disabled or hidden.

Ignoring function there is nothing in the EULA for Windows 10 preventing you using a Home edition variant in a business environment provided you do not bypass any technical restrictions or limitations in the software.
Reinert WentzelManaging MemberAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the feedback. not the functionality I am asking about but whether it is legal to use Windows 10 SL/Emerging Markets for business use/commercial environment- so from a licensing perspective only. Want to ensure we are 100% legal
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Read the license agreement.  When you first turned this computer on, you were presented with it - or a link to it or an explanation of where to find it.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
microsoft really doesn't license the operating system for non-commercial use and other sku's for commercial use.

They may recommend home for home use and pro for business use the difference being in what features each have.. pro has more features than home, enterprise more features than pro.

Windows 10 for Education is an upgrade license and this license is sold to educational institutions for use by them and their students.  W10 Education is W10 Enterprise minus Cortana
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