How can I segragate traffic in a Exchange 2010 / 2013 co-existance?

I have an existing Exchange 2010 environment and have recently built two new Exchange 2013 servers.  I have some test mailboxes in 2013 that I want to test external mailflow with.  I need to know how to make sure that traffic from my Exchange 2010 mailboxes don't try to send over any send connectors that I create in 2013.  How can I restrict this?
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timgreen7077Connect With a Mentor Exchange EngineerCommented:
The simplest thing to do is just make sure that the source servers on your 2013 connectors are only the 2013 servers and no 2010 servers. exchange can actually send on all the connectors unless you set the scope but by not setting them as the source server, they will use the connectors that they are source servers for first.
T4RH33LAuthor Commented:
The end result that I was looking for was accomplished by following what @timgreen7077 mentioned.  I removed the Exchange 2013 source servers from the 2010 send connectors and used send connectors with only the 2013 servers set as the source.  I also checked the box that these connectors were "scoped".  Thereby allowing only traffic originating from those servers to be used by those connectors.
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