What happens when I change the Names servers for a domain?


I have a shared hosting account and host domain name mostly for friends and clubs.

I have one such friend who has employed a developer to do her business website, and they want to host it on their servers. They have asked me to change the named servers which I have done, they have also asked me to a TXT record to verify the email addresses. The emails no longer work.

I thought that once the named servers were changed all control went to the new server owners. They are telling me that since I still have the domain name on my control panel I have control of the DNS records.

Who is right?
Andy GreenAsked:
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nociSoftware EngineerCommented:
They are right...
modifying an A address or CNAME doesn't transfer control of the Domain name....

That would mean the NS records at the registry (go daddy, etc. etc. where the name is "bought"  / leased)
were changed to anothe name server.
lest assume example.com as the domain name

So there was say www.example.com and you were asked to create a TXT recrod with example.com.

Then the content most probably started with "v=spf1"
In that case you also need to add the previous mailservers as sources for e-mail.   ip4:<ipaddress> etc. etc.
Priyajit MukherjeeCommented:

They are right! You still have control of the domain name.

Changing Name Servers only points the domain to that specific server which has stored the website. In a nutshell, name Servers are names for a server against it's IP.

Here’s how it would work when you visit your own website, let’s say www.example.com:

You type “www.example.com” into your browser.
Your browser uses DNS to look up the nameservers for www.example.com.
The nameservers ns1.yourhostdomain.com and ns2.yourhostdomain.com are retrieved.
Your browser uses the nameservers to look up the IP address for www.example.com.
Your browser gets the response: “”
Your browser sends a request to, including the specific page you’re trying to reach.
The web server hosting your website sends the requested page to your browser.

To transfer Domain control, you need to transfer the Domain from the current Domain Registrant to the new registrant that they have signed up for.
Andy GreenAuthor Commented:
OK are you sure?

I have changed the named servers to theirs. How will the 'internet' know to use the DNS zone records on my end with the Named servers pointing elsewhere.

I think this is where I'm not understanding.

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Andy GreenAuthor Commented:
Thanks, where you say:

The nameservers ns1.yourhostdomain.com and ns2.yourhostdomain.com are retrieved.

This should really be ns1.TheirHostsDomain.com and ....

Priyajit MukherjeeCommented:

The DNS is only managed by the server that hosts the Name Server. So in this case, your friend's developer can now setup and manage the DNS  from their end.

Only instance where you can manage DNS from registrant's account (lets say Godaddy control panel), is if you have pointed the name servers to a Godaddy or same registrant hosted server.

If you have purchase Domain from Godaddy and have you shared hosting from Hostgator, and your name server is pointing to Hostgator, you can only manage DNS from Hostgator control panel. And in no ways from Godaddy's control panel.

Priyajit M.

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Andy GreenAuthor Commented:
That's what I think too.

The domain in on Fasthosts, but I have pointed it to GoDaddy named servers. And they were expecting me to change zone records on Fasthost, but I've been telling them they nave control of the zone records on Go Daddy and they have to do it.

Then started think are they right?

Priyajit MukherjeeCommented:

They can setup/change complete DNS records in Godaddy control panel. You can do nothing apart from changing Name Servers in Fasthosts, and can only make DNS changes if you get their Godaddy control panel credential. ;-)]

Priyajit M
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