Microsoft Access 2003: How do you resolve "The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Object or class does not support the set of events?

Upon working for a company that still uses Access 2003 within a server-client environment in which the data is stored on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory computer, a client's profile was backed up and stored in a folder share within the same server.  The profile was recreated on the workstation with settings and icons copied over from the folder share to the workstation.  One of the databases was created in Access 2003, but the user also had Access 2013 on their desktop and accidentally brought up the Access 03 created database in Access 13.  After this was done and she tries to click on any interactive button she gets the message:
"The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error:  Object or class does not support the set of events".  After this statement, two more statements say after an *.  1. "The expression may not result in the name of a macro, the name of a user-defined function, or [Event Procedure]. and 2. There may have been an error evaluating the function, event, or macro.   An OK button appears and the database does not open up after clicking on it.  Can somebody point me to a way to resolve this error?   Does this have to do with compiling the file in some way?
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PatHartmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you trying to use A2013 to open the database or A2003 when you get the error?  Most versions of Access will not cohabit easily since they are constantly fighting for control of the registry.  The user MUST have admin permissions for these registry updates to complete correctly or you can end up with a mishmash.

Try opening A2003 and using that to open the database with the problem.  If you still can't open it without error, open any code module in design view and look to see if there are any missing references.  You may have to uninstall A2013 and reinstall 2003 to give A2003 control back.
I assume the client has both. 2003 and 2013 Access.
It is a version compatibility issue.
1 open mdb file with Access 2003 and continue
2 Convert mdb to accdb format by opening mdb in access 2013 and save it to accdb format.

But since is accidentally happened option 1 might be the preferred one.
John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
Decompile you Access and  recompile it...check for errors
If nothing comes up then take a very good look at the references of your applications...probably there is a version mismatch (even they look identical if a minor version difference can cause havoc...seach for exact dll/ocx...even better to copy from another working installation....Note : first unregister the "bad" ....delete it/rename it...copy the "good"...register it)
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)Connect With a Mentor President / OwnerCommented:
<<"The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting >>

 As Pat and John said, it's probably references, although starting with A2007, a lot of syntax checking was tightened up and adjustments may need to be made.

 Simply opening the app and making sure it compiles will tell you quick what the problem is.

  Also at issue can be the "bitness".  A2003 is strictly 32 bit, where A2013 can be 32 or 64 bit.   Depending on the app (if it makes API calls), it would break it.

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