Xml to excel. Why certains node items are not been copied to excel.

I am trying to read an XML file like the one below into an Excel sheet
            <Filename>H:\MrX@gmail.com\inbox\Company\= file216.txt =</Filename>
            <ShortName>= file216.txt =</ShortName>
I am using the following intructions for read the xml file and copy it to the working sheet

## all dim etc omitted to make this shorter

Set list = xDoc.SelectNodes("//Results/Item")
        For Each Node In list
            iRow = iRow + 1
            '***Note: node names are Casesensitive***
            On Error Resume Next
            mySheet.Range("A" & iRow) = Node.SelectSingleNode("Filename").Text
            mySheet.Range("B" & iRow) = Node.SelectSingleNode("Location").Text
            mySheet.Range("C" & iRow) = Node.SelectSingleNode("ShortName").Text
 My problem is that when the file name starts in "=", no shortname is copied
 That is, mySheet.range ("C"&iRow) is empty in cases 2 and 3 from the example above:
 Why is this happening?
 Other than equal sign, are there any other initial character that causes the same problem ?

 Of course, I need to process an XML file with lists over 10 K files (perhaps 100-300 K files) which names I cannot control. So I would like to know what limitations exists in MSXML2.DOMDocument60 and/or MSXML2.IXMLDOMNodeList as to unrecognizible characters or maximum node processing capacity.
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Lau_ForenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The problem is excel does not allow to introduce either "=" or "-" as the first character of some text to be introduced in a cell. So the solution is either to change the first character or to introduce a comment character.
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