Windows 7 machine refuses to accept static IP

Windows 7 machine refuses to accept static IP from Firewall - I have a Windows 7 machine I'm trying to setup with a static IP. The current IP it grabs automatically is, which is a dynamic address. I'm trying to make it on the Sonicwall firewall. I've setup every other machine in the office in this manner (Using the MAC address and assigning the IP address) with no problems. .98 is the next available address. It refuses to take it. When I reset the configuration it gives me an "Unidentified/no internet" yellow error and comes up with a If I disable the entry on the Sonicwall it comes back up with the .221 dynamic address.

I've checked every other place I can think of. I've checked to make sure the IPv4 address is set to obtain automatically. I've tried forcing the .98 address through the PC by entering it manually instead of pulling it from the Sonicwall. I've even tried changing the static lease to a different number (.99) with the same results. It only seems happy with that .221 address.

To recap:

PC will only pick up a dynamic IP
Tried to give it a static IP on the firewall and it comes back with a bad IP
Tried to give it a static IP on the computer itself and I have the same problem
I've disabled IPv6
I've triple checked there are no other machines with the .98 address

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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More than likely is already in use by a device on the network.

On the sonicwall, check the ARP table to see if it's learned a MAC address for that IP. If it has, then an IP conflict is the cause of the issue.

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TarkisalAuthor Commented:
This was absolutely right. I found the .98 in the ARP table on the SonicWALL attributed to a device with a different MAC and a label of "Unknown." Changing .98 to .100, which was not in the ARP table, fixed the problem. Thank you for the quick and helpful response!
Glad to help.

As an aside, it might be worth trying to figure out what the rogue device is. A useful tool to assist with this is or

Chuck the MAC into one of those sites and they'll tell you the manufacturer of the network adaptor of the unknown device. Might give you some idea what the device is.
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