BCP: Execute a Stored Procedure and Extract Data to a .txt File with Pipe Delimited Format with a Pipe Delimited Header

I am creating a data extract. I am using BCP to execute a SQL Server Stored Procedure that produces a pipe delimited text file.

I am required to have pipe delimited headers. My question is how do I create a pipe delimited header in my pipe delimited text file? I've been reading that SSIS is a good option but unfortunately I do not have access to it so I am looking for another method.

Pipe Delimited Text File with Pipe Delimited Header
(Not exact SQL but should correctly convey the concept)

declare @sql varchar(8000)
select @sql = 'bcp "execute yourdatabase.dbo.usp_userdetails " queryout  c:\logs\bcpheadertest.txt -c -t"|" -T -S' +  @@servername exec master..xp_cmdshell @sql

create table userdetails
userid int identity(1,1),
login varchar(10),
fullname varchar(100),
address varchar(1000)

 insert into userdetails(login,fullname,address)
 values ('atest','a test','123 anywhere, aw 00000'),
             ('btest','b test','456 anywhere, aw 00000'),
           ('ctest','c test','789 anywhere, aw 00000')

create procedure dbo.usp_userdetails

select userid,login,fullname,address
from userdetails

Thanks in advance.

Rob M.Asked:
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
BCP does not support generating headers. You either

1) need to add them as content in your sproc as first line:

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.usp_userdetails
        @ForExport BIT = 0

    IF ( @ForExport = 1 )
            SELECT   Q.*
            FROM     (   SELECT 0 AS Src ,
                                'userid' AS [userid] ,
                                'login' AS [login] ,
                                'fullname' AS fullname ,
                                'address' AS [address]
                         UNION ALL
                         SELECT 1 AS Src ,
                                U.userid ,
                                U.[login] ,
                                U.fullname ,
                         FROM   userdetails U ) Q
            ORDER BY Q.Src;
            SELECT U.userid ,
                   U.[login] ,
                   U.fullname ,
            FROM   userdetails U;

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This is sometimes not advisable, cause it will involve implicit casts. Then you

2) need to add the header after the file creation via scripting. Either using batch or PowerShell. As batch:

@Echo Off


Set CSV_HEADER_FILE=C:\Temp\export.header.tmp
Set CSV_DATA_FILE=C:\Temp\export.data.tmp
Set CSV_FILE=C:\Temp\export.csv

Echo Header,goes,here> "%CSV_HEADER_FILE%"
SqlCmd -Q "EXECUTE database.schema.yoursproc;" -o "%CSV_DATA_FILE%" -s "," -W -u -h -1 -S YOURSERVER\INSTANCE
PowerShell -Command "Get-Content %CSV_HEADER_FILE%, %CSV_DATA_FILE% | Set-Content -Encoding UTF8 %CSV_FILE%"


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Rob M.Author Commented:

Thanks you very much. I am going to use the second option.
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