Facebook link shows up ok. Twitter keeps the original text

I have a link


It shows fine in facebook and it whatsapp. I mean it brings up the image and the text. but in Twitter ir keeps the text it has originally? How can I scrape it to update the text?

This is the code.

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset="utf-8" >
<title>Quién hizo este video? </title> 
<meta property="og:title" content="¿Lady Garza" />
<meta property="og:url" content="https://videoladygarza.com/video.php" />
<meta property="og:type" content="website" />
<meta property="og:image" content="https://videoladygarza.com/ladygarza.png" />
<meta property="og:site_name" content="Video Lady Garza" />
<meta property="og:description" content="No Somos Ovejas" />
<meta name="Description" content="Es parte de la campaña del PRI, PAN o Morena">
<meta name="Keywords" content="Vélo y Decide">
<meta name="title" content="La Nueva Realidad de México" />
<meta property="og:site_name" content="Lady Garza Hoy" />
<meta name="twitter:card" content="summary_large_image" />
<meta name="twitter:description" content="No Somos Ovejas" />
<meta name="twitter:title" content="Para el 2018 Quien?" />
<meta name="twitter:site" content="@robertoparker" />
<meta name="description" content="Es parte de la campaña del PRI, PAN o Morena" />
<link rel="image_src" href="https://videoladygarza.com/ladygarza.png" />
<meta name="twitter:url" content="https://videoladygarza.com" />
<meta name="twitter:image" content="https://videoladygarza.com/ladygarza.png" />
<meta property="og:image" content="https://videoladygarza.com/ladygarza.png" />

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Any ideas?
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Allie WattsDemand Generation & Digital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
Twitter only scrapes the URL for images and displays them for the companies it has partnered with.

Current companies include: DailyBooth, DeviantART, Etsy, Flickr, Justin.TV, Kickstarter, Kiva, Photozou, Plixi, Twitgoo, TwitPic, TwitVid, USTREAM, Vimeo, yfrog, and YouTube.

They also support iTunes, blip.tv, Instagram etc. as explained here.

If your link is not from one of these partnerships, you will have to add the image. Utilizing a social media sharing platform or marketing calendar tool, is a great way to mitigate this and be able to schedule posts with images you want associated with links in Twitter. Here is an article explaining the differences between some of the top ones.
robrodpProgrammerAuthor Commented:
I finally coded the hatm link in a way that it shows up great. Not using any partner tools
Allie WattsDemand Generation & Digital Marketing SpecialistCommented:
Awesome, how did you do it?
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