Google drive, working offline!

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Hi Experts,
I got an invitation from someone to upload something to their google drive, however when I click on new button, the upload options are disabled and a message appears stating "you are working offline, and some functions are not avail.."
What is the cause and how can I change it?
Thanks in advance
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This error maybe because of a compatibility problem with one of Google Chrome Add-ons - Try to disable the Add-ons one by one and see if it helps.
Google Chrome Add-ons - Try to disable the Add-ons..
Can you give me instruction how to perform that?
FYI- already tried the following and didnt help..
Navigate to chrome://net-internals/#dns and press the "Clear host cache" button.
Disabling anti virus software.

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The following atricle from google give detailed instruction read the section  Manage your extensions
I only saw 3 apps (see attached).
Disabled google docs offline, but that didnt help.

There is an offline mode in the developer tools but it would be a deliberate effort to enable it for a website.
To check press CTRL+SHIFT_I
Press CRTL+SHIFT+M to toggle the device toolbar.
You should then see a toolbar that by default would show "Responsive" then the resolution "400x860", the zoom percentage "100%" and throttling level "Online".
It is the throttling that can be set to offline.

As stated, this would be deliberat to enable and it is for the website on that tab. Something to check though.

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