How do you get listed drop down items to appear in Access 2003 file when they don't for some reason?

In working with Access 2003, the drop down menu that lists items needed for a company's ordering process shows no information that the client can choose from.    The following attached filed is an example of what we are trying to explain.
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John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
When you have a drop down (combobox) you set it up like this
Data Tab
RowSourceType :Table/Query
RowSource : Your underlying Query
BoundColumn : The Column that actual  is used for the field (the key)

Format Tab:
Column Widths :0cm;3cm;5cm  (the important is the 0 zero ---> we hide the key and we are showing the info we want to display regardless of the fact that column 1 is going to be stored in our record . The others correspond to the info we want to show : e.g RowSource was something like SELECT CompanyID,CompanyAbbreviation,CompanyName from Companies --> the combobox will display for a Company with data :  CompanyID = 1, CompanyAbbreviation = "TST",CompanyName = "Test Company" ====> TST | Test Company
List Width : 8 cm (3+5)
Try that and let us know...

P.S. for those having issue with the attachement Right Click --> Save linked Content as
The site doesn't handle .rtf format.  It won't let me download the file and opening it shows gibberish.  Please try again.  Either post a picture or a spreadsheet or .doc file.
memewarrenAuthor Commented:
OK Will do.
memewarrenAuthor Commented:
I was told that I need to send this in a different format than *.rtf, so here is the image in a *.pdf format.
Thanks but you already had your answer.
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