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How do i create an image with a "clear" background.  I'm trying to create a business card with a logo in the right hand corner.  I have what I want for the logo but there is a white background.  I've attached a screen print of what the card looks at  present.  You can see the the "CBS" logo has a white background.  Any ideas how to make it "clear"?
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Could you upload the screenshot? What software do you have? Photoshop. Illustrator? What version? PC or Mac?


It's PC, Photoshop CS5.1. I would also like to change the text in the image to white rather than black.

Attached is the file from Photoshop as well as a screen print from the business card software.  

I'm sure you can see what I want to do.logo_csp.tif
Hi again and thanks for the upload.

First. The logo file has editable type inside, Castellar. So, if you have Castellar installed on your computer, you could simply type the SBS in a type-layer in Photoshop. In case you don't have access to that font, I uploaded the SBS outlined with no background for you.

Second. If the text on the card is live (editable) or on separate layers, you could change the colors easily. However, if the text is now part of the picture it is impossible to change the white to black and make it look good. I would recommend that you get the original picture to replace the old one and simply type in the text again. (I am no expert in English, but shouldn't there be a space between J. and J. anyway?).

You could also try to find a comparable picture. Check out this one on Unsplash, free and has the same elements:
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I have Castellar as a font.  How do I create the "type layer".  What do I do.  I'm not good at images.
Photoshop files are based on layers to keep individual elements separated and movable, visible or hidden. All the layers can be merged together into one layer.
The Type layer is one of those possible layers. It contains text only and if you have a different block of text it is very common to make one Type layer for each group of text. To set a new text, you:

Select the T -tool from the gallery of tools (most likely in the vertical toolbar to the left on your screen
Use this tool to click on the screen where you want to type in new text (about where the text should start)
Type in SBS
Then the Text tool is selected the top panel, called Control panel, will give you optional things to adjust or control the text. The text has to be selected. You can now select what font you want to use, what size and various other matters.
When you have finished typing you can select another tool, the Move tool to move the Type layer to the correct position.

Youtube has a huge number of videos to teach people how to use Photoshop, from the very basic to more advanced. Here is one you could start with:
Glad I could help.

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