Printer pool not printing as expected

I have a printer pool that is not printing to the printers in the order expected.  Everything I've read says the print server should send prints to the print devices in the order they are added to the pool.  I have three identical printers with IPs of, 116 and 117.  I added them to the queue in that order.  But the server is sending the prints to 117 first.  Here is how I set it up.  I created the first port (115).  I created the printer and add the port.  I then created 116, enabled pooling and added it.  Then created 117 and added it.  I've tried doing test prints after adding each port.  When the queue is just 115, it prints to 115.  When I add 116, it prints to 116.  Then when I add 117, it prints to 117.  The print server it 2012 R2.  The print devices are RICHO MP C4503 with universal drive 4.13.  I created a 2016 print server and tried setting up the pool on that and got the same results,
John ShacklockSystems AdministratorAsked:
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John ShacklockConnect With a Mentor Systems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I sent a large job to the queue twice.  It printed to 117, then to 116 since 117 was busy.  When both completed, I sent another job and it printed on 117.  I switched to the non-universal driver and had the same results.  I swapped the IPs between the first and third devices and the queue is now printing as we want.  Although it is not functioning as documentation says it should, I consider this issue closed.  Thank you for you help.
Michael MachieConnect With a Mentor Full-time technical multi-taskerCommented:
Are you printing test pages ater each installation?

If so, it may be related to how a Universal Print Driver may behave. For instance, it may be auto-selecting the last printer that was chosen to print to. So if you installed .117 and did a test print, that is the last printer the server printed to and may default to this pinter for all subsequent prints until another is chosen.

Additionally, it may always print to the last configured printer until a lot of jobs hit the pool, at which time it should auto-switch to another printer if the first in the pool is not available at that moment due to printing a job. You may not know this until you have many print jobs at once because pooling is for load balancing, so it may only 'pool' if the printer cannot keep up with the print jobs coming in.
John ShacklockSystems AdministratorAuthor Commented:
I swapped the IPs between the first and third devices and the queue is now printing as we want.
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