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Slow computer and internet browser

I have a client whos computer is slow as well as internet pages loading very slowly...he says he has to twiddle his thumbs (although his speed shows 170 mbps). His CPU usage is off the charts...see attached. He runs a lot of programs simultaneously.
He says,  "Lately, it’s gotten intolerable, and is an impediment to getting any work done.
My system has gotten very very slow.  I have to wait and twiddle my thumbs while it opens a new website.  Likewise, linking to another page is a very lengthy operation.  When I look at Task Manager, CPU is near 100% at those times. The main culprits when I look at processes are WMI Provider Hosts for each browser.  Service Host: Superfetch is another.  Those processes tend to grow and gobble up all available CPU time, which slows everything else to a halt."

He has 16 GB of ram, Windows 10. Thoughts?
Windows 10

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