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Help with adding 2.5TB datastore to ESXi 5.5 hosts / datacenter

I have an EMC VNXe 3150. I also have (3) ESXi 5.5 hosts in a datacenter. I have a few datastores over 2TB. However, I am unable to add a 2.5TB datastore from a LUN of 2.5TB presented to the hosts over iSCSI, just like all of the others. It is GPT, VMFS-5, 1MB. The stand-alone client shows 2TB max file size though. Error simply says an error occurred during host config.

Any help is much appreciated.
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you can add 64 tb LUN. 2tb file size is not relevant here.

can you share hostd and vobd log for the time when u get this error to proceed further.

basic check to check vsphere maximum guide if you have exhausted the limitations

how many LUN added so far?
how many path each LUN have ?
Okay are we getting confused between VM disk size and datastore size?

What are you trying to increase?
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7 LUNS so far from EMC to hosts, 2 paths each
Max LUN size is 6.8 TB used to create a datastore is all 6.8 TB
I will try to retrieve logs soon

I am trying to create a 2.5 TB datastore from a 2.5 TB LUN presented from the EMC to the hosts
I then want to create a new VMDK of 2.5 TB. I go to a host, go to config, go to storage, click add storage, see 3 LUNS one of which is the 2.5 TB LUN I want to use. I choose it then go through the wizard. At the end it shows max file size is 2TB (this is the vSphere client, not web). I then click finish and get an error stating an error occurred during host config. Same error on web client.

Thanks a lot guys.
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We reconfigured the SAN and were able to add the storage.