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Amazon S3 doesn't retain Modified Date?

Re Amazon S3 Modified Date... Yesterday we had to download a file from S3 and realized that the new Modified Date of our file, after we downloaded it, was yesterday's date rather than the original Modified Date.  We searched around for conversations about this and learned that it is a long-standing issue with S3 (though some would suggest it is by design, in that S3 is not "file" system; rather it is an "object" system).

Ok, but the problem still exists, and we're not interested in devising some VB solution or using a 3rd party program to maintain that attribute.  Is there yet a "standard" solution for this in S3?  Assuming not, can someone recommend another well-supported repository for our backups that WILL maintain the file attributes (i.e. OneDrive, Azure)?

Thank you...

Update:  One solution we found was, if using Cloudberry Restore, Cloudberry retains the Modified Date.
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Phil PhillipsDirector of DevOps & Quality AssuranceCommented:
Yeah, there really is no workaround that other than to code around it.  Ex: set your own metadata header with the last modified date, and then set this on download.  That's pretty much what something like Cloudberry Restore does for you.

One other thing that might work in your case is AWS Storage Gateway (https://aws.amazon.com/storagegateway/).  It'll allow you to access S3 like a filesystem (so it'll retain stuff like ownership, permissions, and timestamps).
K AAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Phil.  It's always helpful to have someone confirm our own findings.  And the AWS Gateway might help us with this, and other, applications.
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