Need help with a DNS entry for trust relationship through conditional forwarder. They need to use external IP, we need the internal IP.

In our corporate domain we have a forward lookup zone created called (AD domain is company.corp.tld). In there we have a DNS entry for a server that hosts a website and FTP. We currently have that host configured with the internal IP address. External to the domain use the external IP address registered in godaddy DNS.

Here is the problem. We have a sister company we have a domain trust with. In their DNS they have a conditional forwarder set up for that resides on our name servers. Currently when they try to hit the http or ftp on that host it resolves the internal IP address (from the conditional forwarder). We do not want to change it for all users, just users of that site. What is the best way to do this and not break their conditional forwarder or break it for our internal users?

Have them create a new forward lookup zone on their end called with an a record with no hostname but just an IP? Would adding this forward lookup zone keep the functionality of their conditional forwarder in tact for
Don HarveyAsked:
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DrDave242Senior Support EngineerCommented:
Does the other company need that conditional forwarder at all? From your description, they need the company.corp.tld conditional forwarder for the trust, but since they need to resolve those hosts to their public IPs, won't they be better off just using the authoritative public DNS servers for that?

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DrDave242Senior Support EngineerCommented:
No response from asker, but removing the conditional forwarder for the public domain name will allow machines on the other end of the trust to resolve those names correctly.
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