How can I split the lines of BusinessStreetAddress in Outlook VBA?

I have a procedure that creates an appointment item from a contact item. The procedure puts the business address in the location field of the appointment item. This works great except for when the BusinessAddressStreet contains more than 1 line of information. The information is added correctly, but you can't see it in the location field. I want to handle each line independently so I can insert a comma between them and show them on one line. The problem is that I don't know how to split the lines. I have attached my code.

I want:
123 Anystreet, Suite 100, Yourtown, US 12345

instead of:
123 Anystreet
Suite 100
Yourtown, US 12345

in the location field.

Brian ThorPresidentAsked:
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Alexei KuznetsovMicrosoft Outlook MVPCommented:
Use the
Split(appOutlookContact.BusinessAddressStreet, Chr(10))

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This will retun the array of lines in the BusinessAddressStreet.

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Brian ThorPresidentAuthor Commented:
Perfect. I tried this (using the vbCrLf constant instead of Chr(10)) but what I didn't consider was that I needed to assign the result to an array first. Thanks for saying "array" in your comment. That was what I really needed.
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