Automate Outlook 2013 Profile Account addition

We utilize Office 365 for our email service. Users connect from their workstations via Outlook 2013.
We have just added a new mail account in 365 which we need to set up, as a mail account on certain users PCs (or remove them) at will, in their existing mail profile.
I know how to do this manually, of course but I really need a way to automate this process. Is this possible?

We need the users to be able to send from this account using the FROM dropdown and to assign a signature to the account.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
If you want to use features such as selecting the From address or per-mailbox signatures, you need to add the mailbox as additional account. There's no way to do this apart from using the File -> Add account wizard.
JP_TechGroupAuthor Commented:
That is disappointing. Thanks.
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