T-SQL - UPDATE table with the sum of columns in 2 other tables

I have 3 tables. A column in table1 needs to be updated the sum of a column that exists in both of the other 2 tables.

update table1
            aFee = sum(t2.aFee + t3.aFeeADJ)
            table2 t2
                  Join table3 t3 on t3.ID = t2.ID
            table1.ID = t2.ID
            and table1.column1 = 'Stuff'
            and table1.column2 in (1,2)

Msg 157, Level 15, State 1, Line 139
An aggregate may not appear in the set list of an UPDATE statement.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
your complete query is incorrect! You cannot update a table (Table1 in your case) if it is not in the FROM clause!

give a try to :
update t1
set aFee = t2.aFee + t3.aFeeADJ
from table1 as T1
inner join table2 t2
on t2.ID  = t1.ID
inner Join table3 t3 
on t3.ID = t2.ID
where t1.column1 = 'Stuff'
and table1.column2 in (1,2)

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RickzzzAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that did it.

One issue though, there isn't always a record in t3 that exists in t1 and t2, therefore instead of the updating with just the value in t2, I get a NULL. Basically, t3 is a much smaller table with any adjustments to the fee in t2 that MAY exist.

Can you assist there as well?
ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:

SET    aFee = T2.aFee + ISNULL(T3.aFeeADJ, 0)
FROM   table1 T1
       INNER JOIN table2 T2 ON T2.ID = T1.ID
       LEFT JOIN table3 T3 ON T3.ID = T2.ID
WHERE  T1.column1 = 'Stuff'
       AND table1.column2 IN ( 1, 2 );

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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
much like ste5an said:

update t1
set aFee = t2.aFee + isnull(t3.aFeeADJ,0)
from table1 as T1
inner join table2 t2
on t2.ID  = t1.ID
left Join table3 t3 
on t3.ID = t2.ID
where t1.column1 = 'Stuff'
and t1.column2 in (1,2)

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