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O365 User Import - some users showing incloud.

I am having a problem that I have been working on the last few days trying to work out with my O365 user import that I just cannot seem to make any headway on. To make this short I set up AD Connect to synchronize one OU full of users into O365. I only did one OU as I wanted to do a test right now to make sure the import was successful. All the users showed up under Active Users in the admin panel. All the users imported as they should but two for some reason two users are showing in cloud vs. synced with active directory. Now these two users did have an account created before we did the user sync import and they are fellow admins like myself. I have tried deleting the accounts, even from the recycle bin. Tried remapping the immutable ids and they are correct. I have tried looking at the synchronization service manager and to be honest, I do not see many options to adjust. Can anyone offer any guidance for me to look next? I did run the idfix tool from MS and there are no duplicates or error found. I did also look at the AD attributes to make sure there were not invalid characters or if the fields had any invalid values.

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