RV320 VLAN setup fails

I just received a new V03 RV320.
I'm trying to set up the default VLAN 1 on port LAN4 untagged for the management interface.
And, I've tried to exclude port LAN1-3 on this VLAN 1.

I also set up VLAN 100
I want to exclude port LAN4 from this VLAN .
I want to have LAN1-3 tagged for this VLAN. (But just one port would be fine).

I keep getting an error:
A VLAN port can only be untagged to one VLAN ID (LAN1)

This is very frustrating as it seems a simple configuration task.
What am I doing wrong?
LVL 27
Fred MarshallPrincipalAsked:
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Fred MarshallPrincipalAuthor Commented:

Thanks!  I'll check those out.  
In the meantime, I put the RV320 into a "very basic" configuration:
- no VLAN effort whatsoever
- a 192.168.xxxx.0 subnet instead of 172.30.xxx.xxx - just a wild guess there.
It's working.
I figure I can add a management subnet interface later.

I've gone from no phone internet access with the RV042 and switch configuration but with DHCP service to the downstream VOIP phones,

to internet service at the top level of the switch tree and no DHCP downstream.  

arghhhh!  All in a day's work.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Please keep us posted.

My setup is basic except for several site to site tunnels.

- a 192.168.xxxx.0 subnet instead of 172.30.xxx.xxx -   <-- I use this.

to internet service at the top level of the switch tree and no DHCP downstream.  

I didn't understand this.

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Fred MarshallPrincipalAuthor Commented:

Well, I felt it was time to back off on anything but the bare essentials.
So, I changed the subnet from 172.30.x.x to 192.168.x.x just in case there's a bug that wasn't caught by using "different" private address spaces.  It should not be necessary but, as I said, back to basics.

And, I set aside the idea of a management channel on the untagged VLAN1.

And, I set the LAN-side switch port that it attaches to as an Access port / untagged on VLAN100.

This worked for a phone on other trunked VLAN1/VLAN100 ports on the switch.
The phone got DHCP service on the VLAN100 subnet from the router.  And, it was able to initiate a call.
BUT, it didn't work for downstream switches with trunked ports.
The phones didn't get DHCP service on VLAN100 - so couldn't work at all.
This part sounds like a switch problem.
Fred MarshallPrincipalAuthor Commented:
Much has happened since I posted this question.
I believe the solution boils down to setting up VLAN characteristics two at a time.
Doing that avoids the error message I was getting.
That possibility doesn't just jump out of the Help or the GUI.Choosing muliple VLANs for changing settings

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update, Fred
Fred MarshallPrincipalAuthor Commented:
It was the key to resolving this issue.
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