USB recovery drive not recognized by BIOS on HP EliteBook 840 G1

On my Hp EliteBook 840 G1, running Windows 10-64bit I have made a disc image using AOMEI Backupper and stored it on an external USB-drive. I have also made a recovery USB flash drive using the PE-tool creation within AOMEI Backupper. I have also tried EaseUS Todo Backup, with the same, negative result.

Although I have tried to change boot order and tried with all the three different boot modes (UEFI Hybrid, UEFI Native, Legacy) in combination with a recovery USB WinPE for both UEFI and Legacy mode, the laptop will not recognize the USB flash drive. I might do something wrong when trying to configure the Boot mode and boot order in BIOS (which to me is a bit confusing on the EliteBook). I have tried exactly the same software AOMEI software on a Microsoft Surface, and it works perfectly fine. I have tried to search for the same BIOS menu in order to understand how to configure the boot order and mode properly, but not yet found any information on this.

When I enter BIOS on the HP EliteBook by holding down the F10 I am presented with a graphical user interface and I can use a mouse. It has three tabs at the top: "Main", "Security" and "Advanced".

Selecting "Advanced" gives me several options: "Language", "Set System Date and Time", Boot Options" and "BIOS Power-On" + Device settings.

Selecting "Boot Options" I am able at the top to choose "Startup Menu Delay" which is currently set to 0 seconds, and Multiboot Express Popup Delay, which is also set to 0 seconds.

Below the first list of options like "Audio alerts during boot", "Fast Boot", "USB device boot" (which is selected), I may first choose the "Boot Mode" with three options "Legacy", UEFI Hybrid (with CSM)", "UEFI Native (without CSM)".

Below these options, depending if I choose the Legacy or UEFI-mode, I can choose "Boot order", with UEFI-mode having more options than "Legacy mode".

The boot order for UEFI is: USB Hard Drive, Generic USB Device, M.2 SSD Hard Drive, OS Boot Manager, Notebook Ethernet IPV4, Notebook Ehternet iPV6, Customized boot and SD Card.

The boot order for Legacy boot is: M.2 SSD Drive, Notebook Hard Drive, Notebook Elthernet, USB Floppy, USB CD-ROM and USB Hard Drive.

So which of these three modes should I choose? And which boot Device should be on top for that boot mode? And is there anything else I would do in order to be able to boot from the USB with the WinPE on it?

Might this be caused by the fact that EliteBook BIOS is set to use Fastboot? Maybe this affects the possibility to boot from USB?

Dag WoltersAsked:
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fred hakimRetired ITCommented:
Make sure the USB port you try to boot from is a USB 2.0 port.  The drivers required for SS USB (Usb 3.0 ports) may not be activated at boot time, because they often require their own drivers, which are not yet loaded.   On HP PCs the SS USB ports usually have a royal blue plastic pin holder inside the port.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
I suspect the boot order is wrong.

The boot order for Legacy boot is: M.2 SSD Drive, Notebook Hard Drive, Notebook Elthernet, USB Floppy, USB CD-ROM and USB Hard Drive.

Using the above order it will try to boot from the dead/failed hard drive first.  Legacy boot order to prefer a USB device should go:

USB Hard Drive, USB CD-ROM, USB Floppy, M.2 SSD Drive, Notebook Elthernet, Notebook Hard Drive,

Boot the system in Legacy mode.

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i would test the usb recovery disk on another system - to be sure it is bootable
and yes - put usb drive first in boot order
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