Suitable programming language for quiz or questionnaire

I am on a Linux server (CentOS), and would like to know what would be the best programming language for scripts that offer quizzes/questionnaires (mostly personality tests and IQ tests).?

The scripts would typically offer quizzes/multiple quizzes of 30 questions or more, display reports at the end with analysis and right/wrong answers, and send reports to users' emails.

Users should be able to log in at later dates and view their results again, re-take a quiz, or take more quizzes.

In the past I have had quizzes written in Perl and PHP with MySQL as the database, however now those scripts need to be replaced.

What programming language would be most appropriate for my purposes, in terms of factors such as security, functionality and being on platforms that are constantly being updated and renewed?

Thanks for your help!
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Julian HansenCommented:
The language is not the question - the framework is what you are looking for. You can build this in a variety of different languages that are either server based (PHP, Java etc) or client based (JavaScript => Angular/React/Vue)

There is not language that is particularly suited (or not) to this type of application. However, there are frameworks out there that will do most of the heavy lifting for you (Moodle for example - which is PHP based).
Chinmay PatelChief Technical NinjaCommented:
I think Moodle will be an overkill for this requirement. I think you will be better off with a Wordpress Plugin for example can help you achieve this and is pretty light weight compared to Moodle.

Plus it is open source so you can modify it to fit your requirements. Please research on Wordpress Plugins, I think you will be a able to find a better solution that meets your requirements out of the box.

PS: For last three months I have been using Moodle - installing/configuring/running for a non-profit and it has been too much of a task. But the requirements to have full length courses/classrooms etc so it is a right fit there. If you are just looking for questionnaires then I wont recommend it based on my experience.
Julian HansenCommented:
Moodle was provided as an example - there are many other frameworks out there (limesurvey is another option - but there are others).

The point of my post was in response to the actual question asked which was what language is best suited to creating a survey type application. The only reason Moodle was raised was an example of just one of the tools that could be used instead of re-inventing the wheel.

If you want to write your own framework the code is actually quite simple. The complicated bit is catering to the different question types. If you are going to keep it simple (textboxes, radio's and checkboxes) then it is not too difficult to create an engine to do this. If you want more elaborate functionality like interactive controls (sliders, sortable lists etc) then it gets a bit more complicated.

Other considerations are things like session management - when someone starts a survey by clicking a link - remembering who they are should they not finish so that they can continue where they left off. Or managing a list of links sent to respondents - how many have clicked through, finished the survey.

The more elaborate your requirements are the more I would recommend you go to one of the existing frameworks rather than doing it yourself.

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