HP Storageworks MSL6000

OK Guys, a question about a topic i have no to none experience in...

i bought a second hand HP Storageworks MSL6000

this has 2 LTO 3 drives inside.

the vendor told me he connected the MSL6000 over IP to a windows system.

i see on the back a Fiber Connection and a Network Connection.

any idea how to get this working? i have a windows server 2016 running with Veeam BR installed and working.

i need to connect the MSL 6000 into windows so that Veeam van use this.

how to start?
Rik Van LierCEOAsked:
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fred hakimRetired ITCommented:
Here are some tools from HP  for a windows solution...

Also, once you get it connected, they have a Windows based management tool.

On the other hand, if you are expecting to tie it in with your existing Veeam solution
You would connect from the Veeam.  Here is their page related to HPE  integrated solutions.

Depending on the Veeam solution you have installed, you may be able to simply configure it as a tape storage device.  Both Veeam and HPE describe their products as able to work with various platforms.
Rik Van LierCEOAuthor Commented:
OK this is not the solution. The tape libraby tools i got already installed. i can also browse using the ip to the tape robot.

but windows does not find the tape robot. do i need a special card in the server?
Thomas RushCommented:
You've got yourself a capable tape library that should serve you well, and which can also be upgraded to LTO-4 tape drives, if I recall correctly.

The IP (network) connection is for management of the library, it is not ever a data path.  You can use the IP address to connect to the library GUI and do things like read barcodes, move tapes, perform diagnostics, partition the library.  BE CAREFUL, do not do any tape management outside of your backup application once you've got it configured, unless you refresh the information in your backup application (that is, if you move a tape, you'd best re-inventory the library in your backup application, or you'll throw an application error when it looks for that tape.

You will need a compatible Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) in your server, and will need to connect the Fibre Channel controller board to the FC HBA or to a FC switch, and the drives via SCSI cables to the Fibre Channel Controller Card.   Take a look at the User Manual, around page 169 for more information: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/71351/Hp-Msl6000-Series.html?page=170#manual

You'll need to present the drives to the server over FC once you have all the connections made.  Do not allow more than one server to access any one drive, unless you are using the shared storage or SAN option of your backup application.   You can, however, present one drive to server A, and the second drive to server B without a problem -- in this case best practice is to partition the library to ensure that the two servers won't both be able to access the same cartridge slot.

Here's the Maintenance and Service Guide: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c00372679.pdf
This explains what you've got, and details how to take it apart, put it back together.

And for grins, here's the QuickSpecs, which will give you an overview of capabilities and configurations: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/71924/Hp-Storageworks-Msl6000.html?page=1#manual

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Rik Van LierCEOAuthor Commented:
Superb explanation!
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