BIOS corruption on HP Pavilion HPE - what to do

Machine is HP Pavilion HPE h8-1100z
BIOS is corrupted by malware.
No access to OS, installing new OS not possible.

How can one recover (re-flash) the BIOS?
From an USB drive yes, but HP's Hardware Diagnostics utility does not support any of the Pavilion HPE for BIOS recovery..
Has anyone recovered the BIOS on a Pavilion HPE lately? The BIOS update exe (from HP support site) does not offer anymore the option of creating an USB drive.

Any other option other than recycling this expensive machine?
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Malware does not normally infect BIOS. Any chance it was damaged by a BIOS update?

Try updating the BIOS again. Make a bootable USB BIOS update from the HP site.

If that does not work, contact HP Support. Otherwise, you would have to replace the motherboard or the machine
So you can boot a usb stick ?

If that's possible ,I would get a usb floppy disk ,boot a dos disk and run the flash program from there.
campinamAuthor Commented:
1. John: In the post, "The BIOS update exe (from HP support site) does not offer anymore the option of creating an USB drive".

2. pgm554: Yes, I can boot a usb stick, but there is no flash program for dos, only windows - on HP support.

So any of those won't do...
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Do you have a CD drive? If so the HP BIOS should be able to make a CD and you can try to boot and install from that
AGIIT Support  TechnicianCommented:
Hy,  I think this can help you.

First what i would try is to make an live  usb or cd and boot. After copy the Bios update file and try to flash the the bios. If this doesn't work try this here...
campinamAuthor Commented:
The BIOS update EXE that can be downloaded from HP Support does not provide for creating anything (like a bootable CD or USB).
Also, the BIOS update EXE is a Windows EXE. not DOS. A DOS version is not available from HP.

Ahmed Uzejnovic: that page only helped if a DOS flash utility were available, but it is not.

No solution yet...
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.Commented:
Can you boot from a CD with a Windows CD?  Any type of Windows CD or DVD?
I am not convinced that malware corrupted BIOS (but, never mind...).

HP BIOS update EXE can be unpacked (for example with 7zip). When BIOS is unpacked BIOS file typically is named <something>.rom, file can be then copied to USB. Modern motherboards (last 5-10 years) typically support upgrade directly from BIOS without need for any additional flash utility - please check your motherboard's BIOS for that option.

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i would install windows on another disk - then update the bios
why are you so sure the bios is corrupt?  can you post some screenshots showing the errors?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
BIOS's really don't get corrupted by malware anymore - but malware can scare users into messing with their BIOS and causing permanent harm to their PCs.

Have you already tried flashing the BIOS?

Try a description of what the problem is it doesn't have to be technical, what do you see happening/not happening that makes you think fixing the BIOS is needed?
campinamAuthor Commented:
JustInCase: Thank you for your post.
I am trying to attach the BIOS update EXE as zip here, but it doesn't seem to work... The BIOS is an American Megatrends v. 2.13.1216

Indeed, 7zip unpacked it, and among the resulting files there is a BIOS file named Ang_716.rom

Now I can put the Ang_716.rom file on a bootable WinPE CD, and boot from it.
And then? How do I re-flash the BIOS? The .rom is not an executable, is it? Would be great if you could clarify further
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Look for a README in the ZIP file. That will have instructions for updating the BIOS.  

There also may be a Setup (.exe) file you can run.
campinamAuthor Commented:
OK it worked. Using "safwin.exe Ang_716.rom" on command line did it (both came from the unpacking).
and is your problem gone now? what problem did you have anyway ?
campinamAuthor Commented:
Corrupt BIOS on multiple machines (by malware/ransomware)
yes it's fixed
tx for feedback  -appreciated !
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