Retrieving Full Product key from Server 2012 R2 Std ?

At one of our clients we have 3 server 2012 R2 Standard running on Host VMware server. I need to extract Product key from all 3 windows server machines but I am not sure how can I do that.
I tried running : keyfinder, nrisoft and they are not provinding the info as I get BBBB-BBBB.... key.

I tried running Belrac toll and it gave me last 5 digits of the key.

I also ran command slmgr /dlv and it resulted in window, below is the screen shot. This is the same result with the same last 5 letters of key on each of these servers.

We took over this small client from old IT long time ago, that company no longer exists and I need this info asap.
Can someone help me retrieve the exact product key ?

Thanks in advance.
Nick PerksIT DirectorAsked:
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Your screenshot shows MAK activation - you can't recover the key from the machine - when a MAK is used it verifies the key is correct , inserts BBBBBB-... or XXXXX-..... in the Key location in the registry, retains the partial product key (so you can use slmgr to check which of your MAKs was used) and marks the system as activated.

Even Microsoft can't get your MAK from the machine, but your VL account will contain one that matches the partial product key.  Log in to that or provide your customer details to Microsoft if you need to reset online access to it.
Chirag NagrekarSystem AnalystCommented:
Chirag NagrekarSystem AnalystCommented:
I could retrieve key with above link. This should helpful to you.
Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
as you have MAK key, I dont think so you can retreave full key... if it's a genuine you can contact microsoft tollfree and reactivate server over phone link activation, oe else you can find the key in your portal.

all the best
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