Windows 10: Change input language AND keyboard layout in one click?

How do I bind an input language with a specific keyboard layout (English with English, Spanish with Spanish) in Windows 10?

The Windows OS allows several input languages. Each language can be used with the same or different keyboard layouts.

As a bilingual user (English and Spanish) I often switch between English and Spanish keyboard layouts. But the selection changes in Windows are confusing and limited. One keyboard shortcut (e.g. Ctrl + left shift) to change between input languages, and another shortcut (e.g. Left alt + shift) to change between keyboard layouts. The key sequence cannot be the same.

As if that were not Infuriating enough, pressing the Windows key + Spacebar switches the keyboard language as well. This leads to problems as the language is often changed by mistake.  

If I just use the English language, but add two keyboard layouts (ex: English and Spanish), the change in keyboard layout won't show in the taskbar when switching.

This is a hassle for me when writing letters to my patients, as all those keystrokes add up. Also, when typing formal emails to colleagues that speak different languages, using the appropriate characters and accent marks makes me look much more professional (ex: español instead of espanol, mara versus camara).

Have any of you found a decent workaround for this?
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I cannot quite follow. Since I have two languages installed myself, english and german, and when on english, I sometimes like to switch between  german keyboard and EN-US keyboard, I should run into problems myself, but I don't. Winkey+space is all I use. I see the indicator in the systray and I am fine with that.
jbraceroPhysicianAuthor Commented:

I actually turned OFF the "hotkeys for input languages" under "advanced key settings" and you are right! Winkey + space works like a charm.

Years ago I was taught to press Ctrl + left shift to switch input languages on Windows. I switched to a Mac and changing languages is different. Now that I use Windows computers at work, and the Ctrl key for browser shortcuts, the language ends up changing by accident.

Amazing how I consider myself a "knowledgeable" Windows user, but still am learning new Windows shortcuts every day.

Many thanks!
McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You are welcome. Will you close the question, then?
jbraceroPhysicianAuthor Commented:
Yes. Question closed.
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