AD username change

Got a server 2008R2 as DC
One of the user wants to change his username for his account.
For ex: currently - c.gutts
But he wants to change it to - Charles.g
Can I just make this change in AD under his account. ? Will it break anything with his profile, should I consider anything before changing AD user names ??
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You can change the logon name but it's just the logon name but things like the user's home drive, profile, Exchange account won't change and will be the same as initially configured.

Here is more info:

FYI, it's preferable that a company have a standard naming convention for AD objects like users and computers.  This will make the objects easier to identify.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Changing the Display Name is no problem.. changing the samaccount name is another story
Mr.XAuthor Commented:
Hi, am not talking about display name.
It's about changing login account ! I mean the username which users use to login to domain computers
Mr.XAuthor Commented:
thank you. that's informative
You're welcome and glad to be a help.  Cheers!
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