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I have a form for a table say "test" and in that there is a subform. The subform have 9 different fields/columns. One of the column/field (which is called Source_ID) is linked with ID from other table "Source".I want that when click on the subform in this field "Source_ID" it should display/pop up the details for that Source_ID from Source table for that specific Source_ID. Can anyone help me in that?

Thank you.
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John TsioumprisConnect With a Mentor Software & Systems EngineerCommented:
DoCmd.OpenForm "TheForm", , , "ID=" & me.SourceId,,acdialog
Dale FyeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would avoid this for the Click event and either use the double click event.

Or create a shortcut menu you can use in that control that will allow you to call the popup for.  See my series of articles on short-cut menus, starting here.
WSStudentAuthor Commented:
@John , Thanks you that work.
@Dale, Thank you , i applied the other one but for next forms will try your method, also your articles are helpful. (Y)
Dale FyeCommented:
glad to help
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