One of my .cshtml pages is blank or white when running application on line and off line

One of my ASP.NET core project .cshtml files that is under the Views folder but in another folder besides the Home folder when running the application is white or blank. I then rerun the page and the I get a 404 error. This issue started after I figured out how to get the localhost to be added to a serviceWorker js file and a appsetting JSON file so that the application can be ran offline. I have been searching for a fix online but I have not come across a fix. Please help.
I can show my code if requested.
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newjeep19Author Commented:
Fixed the issue. I did not have my Controller .cs for the FRAT. Added the controller and now the page is able to be viewed.
Leonidas DosasCommented:
Check the spelling and the paths to be correct. Also check for .aspx at the end or vice versa.
See this link Difference Between | Descriptive Analysis and Comparisons
newjeep19Author Commented:
The navigaton to the page is an action link (see code below) form the index.cshlml page.

 <li> @Html.ActionLink("FRATEditor", "FRATEditor", "FRAT")</li>

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the appsetting.json code is below for the routesToPreCahce: (the FRATEditor is under the Views folder then under the FRAT folder
 "routesToPreCache": "/Home/Contact, /Home/About, /Home/Index, /Home/_Layout, /FRAT/FRATEditor, /images/PRISM ARMOR.jpg, /images/Icon@2x_sm.png, /images/ssa-ops---green.jpg, /Scripts/sw.js",

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Then the serviceWorker js code is below:
self.addEventListener("install", function (event) {
    console.log('WORKER: install event in progress.');
            .then(function (cache) {
                /* After the cache is opened, we can fill it with the offline fundamentals.
                   The method below will add all resources we've indicated to the cache,
                   after making HTTP requests for each of them.
                return cache.addAll([
                    '/images/PRISM ARMOR.jpg',
            .then(function () {
                console.log('WORKER: install completed');

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newjeep19Author Commented:
Simple over look on my behalf
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