How can I fix a Facebook third party sync error?

Allie Watts
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I am in the process of syncing our company Facebook via a third party for a press release. I went into my Chrome settings to allow popups for this website so I could connect our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. However, when I went to connect Facebook, I keep getting a pop-up window with the below error.

Any suggestions on how I can fix this so we can connect our Facebook account as a reference for the press release?

Thanks in advance!
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Wild guess - It sounds like a setting in your FB app. Find your app in, then click on Advanced in settings > Domain manager.   You may have to add it there if it is not done already.  If it is not an app you have control over, then the developer of that app has to do it. With the recent changes FB made, I bet some of this broke when security was tightened and then has to be added back.
Lucas BishopMarketing Technologist

I second Scott's guess. This is likely an error in a 3rd party app.

Additionally, with a Press Release, I'd be weary about giving full oAuth access to a third party press agency. Are they planning on going and posting the release on your behalf, on your own FB Page, through some automated system? Are they going to tag/mention their own brand, etc? I'd argue that you can do that without giving them any sort of permissions and all they should need is the URL to your FB page to use as a point of contact in the sub-text of the release.
Allie WattsDemand Generation & Digital Marketing Specialist


Thanks Scott! When I went in to add information about to set up the tag, I got a Facebook error saying due to recent changes the service was unavailable. Looks like I will have to wait to sync it.

I probably explained this wrong. All I want to do is sync it so we have a Facebook page like button on the press release to help with brand engagement during the announcement.

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