Tagging more images with og:image in Wordpress

I have a wordpress site with a premium theme and Yoast SEO plugin. Most of my posts have several inline images and then a gallery with thumbnails on the bottom of the post. When I share a post to my Facebook page only the featured image is available as an image on Facebook. I assume this is because only that single image gets tagged as og:image. Is there any way I could have more images available when posting to Facebook? Can I do it in Yoast or do I need a different plugin? Thanks!
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rgranlundConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe that you can accomplish this by adding custom fields to your Post Pages.  Call them "share images" or something.  Then, place code in the header to show those custom fields.  To add custom fields, go to the top of your post page and click on show hidden fields and activate custom fields.  If you need help writing the PHP loop that will go in the header let me know.
This may not be as nifty as using a plugin but it will do exactly what you want.  The only real caveat is that it is a manual process.  You may be able to find a plugin.
Apparently you can put it in the head of your page:
<meta content='http://mysite/low-res.jpg' property='og:image'>
<meta content='http://mysite/med-res.jpg' property='og:image'>
<meta content='http://mysite/hi-res.jpg'  property='og:image'>

But I think you want a plugin to handle it for you?
ShareThePointAuthor Commented:
Plugin or UI. I am not sure how can I even add code to a single post on WordPress. I was under the assumption that posts are created dynamically and you can only edit the templates.
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