Windows 7 boot error on Bootcamp for Mac

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I have a client's macbook pro 13" 2012 - which i have just formatted and restored Mountain Lion on it as the OS had corrupted beyond repair. The user was previously using Parallels to run a Windows 7 VM. I suggested he opted for Bootcamp as he will get more performance out of it. Running into an issue with Bootcamp at the stage where i install the Windows 7 files and asks me to choose a drive to install on. It initially tells me i cant install on the newly created Bootcamp partition because it's in NTFS format. Ok , so i then format that partition and proceed with the install. Once it completes and reboots, i get the following error ( See Attachment).

I have researched this a little online but so far not had success with the suggestions. I wondered whether anyone else has come across this issue before. I recall Bootcamp being so easy when i did it with Snow Leopard.

DominicIT ConsultantAsked:
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DominicIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi Wayne - i tried this and got the same issue. I am currently trying this solution :

Restart, boot to Mac OSX
Install the trial of Paragon NTFS. Restart and boot to Mac OSX again.
Navigate to BOOTCAMP/Windows/System32/Drivers
Restart and boot to Windows
I know you have researched online but did you specifically try these solutions?

1. Using Boot Camp Assistant, prepare the USB flash drive. Select the first two items and prepare the disk. Quit Boot Camp Assistant.
2. From the Finder, delete the $WinPE$ and Boot Camp folders from the FLASH DRIVE.
3. Expand the old Boot Camp drivers (they are a zip file) on your desktop.
4. Copy the $WinPE$ and Boot Camp folders to the FLASH DRIVE.
5. Reopen Boot Camp Assistant and select only the third option, install Windows
6. Sit back and relax as the installation proceeds.
Hi Dominic, which Bootcamp driver version did you use?
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DominicIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
The one originally loaded with Mountain Lion but i did select the option to download from Apple the latest Windows files so i am not sure if its pulling off the most recent stuff from their server or using Bootcamp files with the Mountain lion OS.
DominicIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi Wayne - the above actually fixed this issue - thanks for trying though.
Thank you for getting back Dominic. Glad you git it solved. Cheers!
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