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I have a DHCP scope that is running out of ip addresses. The ip addresses are 192.168.1.x with a /24 mask and with limited number of ip addresses (of course). I have another scope we don't use or need (ip address range is 192.168.2.x with a /24 mask I would like to combine the two. Is that possible? If so what is the process to combine the two scopes into one scope?
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If you have smart switches, I would look at either (1) breaking the existing network into two (or more based on function) subnets or (2) adding the second subnet. Looking at the current devices and their function from a network security perspective may help you decide the approach. Curious to see what others say.
Have you considered adding instead of  If you do, then you can expand the current subnet to

This will change the network address to and the broadcast address will remain at
And, it will more than double the number of addresses available from 254 to 510.

I would change the Gateway first, the DHCP server next and then cancel all the DHCP leases.

It does nothing for separating devices.

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