Saving To SharePoint Document Library by Default while at same time asking for and setting the data in the columns

Does anyone know of a way to setup Word so that when a user clicks on "Save" it brings up some type of profile form (which matches the columns in the SP Document Library, where the user can enter some data about the document by selecting data from drop down menus. Once the profile form gets filled out, the document saves to a SharePoint document library, unless they click "cancel" or something like that and then would have the option to save to a different file location. For example:

1) User types document in Word and clicks "Save"
2) Word comes up with a profile form; user fills in the profile questions by selecting items from the drop downs. (Such as "Attorney on Record", "Client", "Matter" etc.)
3) The user clicks on "OK" and the document saves to a SharePoint document library with the columns populated by data from step 2.
If on step 2 they decide they want to save it locally, they can just click "cancel" and get the normal save routine.

I realize this is basically a document management system, but am hoping to do it as cheaply as possible, if not no cost at all if there's some OOB method I could use.

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KoenConnect With a Mentor Change and Transition ManagerCommented:
Well, if you start the document from the SP library, that would be possible... you create the library with the metadata you want (make it mandatory). When creating a document from that library, it will prompt to enter the properties on save.
However, if you start from your word locally, there is no way your system can know which library to go to...
GMC02108Author Commented:
Thanks for responding. This is helpful information.
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