Screen Size for Photoshop CS4

How to change the overall Photoshop CS4 appearance ? I want to make the screen and font larger than the current setting.

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aleghartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can tell the operating system your monitor is a lower resolution.  This makes all user interface elements larger, but at the cost of usable resolution.

At 800x600 pixels, there is little workspace remaining.  But the icons and menua are more legible.

It is helpful for teaching with a projector, recording instructional videos, or if you are visually impaired (or don't want to wear corrective lenses).
Sigurdur ArmannssonConnect With a Mentor Designer Commented:
Hi. Photoshop CS4 shipped ten years ago, so I don't have a copy installed.
But, from memory (which could be so and so) I think there was already near the bottom of the Window menu a feature called Application frame. It fills Photoshop to the screen instead of a floating document window.

The panel bar on the right: You can minimize this panel section but click on the double-arrow icon at the top. That would save a lot of space for you.
You can also click on the Workspace. It says ESSENTIAL now, but by changing to other workspaces you can have different panels ready. And you can easily make your own customized one.
When all this is ready you can hit Command + 0 (zero) (mac) or Control + 0 on a PC to get your currently open Photoshop document fill the screen.

There is no option of changing the font size of the panels, menus or other parts of the application itself.
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