Ceph Cluster won't get healthy after one node fails

we are playing around with Ceph as a new storage server. (Version Luminous)
For the cluster we have 3 physical Ubuntu nodes which are the OSD, Monitoring and iSCSI GW Nodes. For installation purposes we have one virtual Ubuntu admin node (ceph-deploy).
We use the official installation documentation (http://docs.ceph.com) for the setup.

The installation went ok and the cluster is up and running, but if we shutdown one node, the cluster stays degraded.
If I power on the node the cluster get's healthy after a few seconds.

Any ideas what we can do or check?

The cluster has one pool.
Name: rbd
PGs: 400
Size: 3
Min_size: 2
Crush-Map: autogenerated
Cluster with all 3 nodes
    id:     551080bb-eada-44e4-bcbe-7c952dbca781
    health: HEALTH_OK

    mon:         3 daemons, quorum HBceph01,HBceph02,HBceph03
    mgr:         HBceph01(active), standbys: HBceph03, HBceph02
    osd:         12 osds: 12 up, 12 in
    tcmu-runner: 3 daemons active

    pools:   1 pools, 400 pgs
    objects: 1666 objects, 6416 MB
    usage:   148 GB used, 89275 GB / 89424 GB avail
    pgs:     400 active+clean

    client:   5401 B/s rd, 1941 B/s wr, 4 op/s rd, 0 op/s wr

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Cluster with 2 node
    id:     551080bb-eada-44e4-bcbe-7c952dbca781
    health: HEALTH_WARN
            Degraded data redundancy: 1689/5067 objects degraded (33.333%), 390 pgs degraded, 400 pgs undersized
            1/3 mons down, quorum HBceph01,HBceph03

    mon:         3 daemons, quorum HBceph01,HBceph03, out of quorum: HBceph02
    mgr:         HBceph01(active), standbys: HBceph03
    osd:         12 osds: 8 up, 8 in
    tcmu-runner: 2 daemons active

    pools:   1 pools, 400 pgs
    objects: 1689 objects, 6523 MB
    usage:   97894 MB used, 59520 GB / 59616 GB avail
    pgs:     1689/5067 objects degraded (33.333%)
             390 active+undersized+degraded
             10  active+undersized

    client:   3715 B/s rd, 3 op/s rd, 0 op/s wr

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-1       87.33000 root default
-3       29.11000     host HBceph01
 0   hdd  7.27699         osd.0         up  1.00000 1.00000
 1   hdd  7.27699         osd.1         up  1.00000 1.00000
 2   hdd  7.27699         osd.2         up  1.00000 1.00000
 3   hdd  7.27699         osd.3         up  1.00000 1.00000
-5       29.11000     host HBceph02
 4   hdd  7.27699         osd.4       down        0 1.00000
 5   hdd  7.27699         osd.5       down        0 1.00000
 6   hdd  7.27699         osd.6       down        0 1.00000
 7   hdd  7.27699         osd.7       down        0 1.00000
-7       29.11000     host HBceph03
 8   hdd  7.27699         osd.8         up  1.00000 1.00000
 9   hdd  7.27699         osd.9         up  1.00000 1.00000
10   hdd  7.27699         osd.10        up  1.00000 1.00000
11   hdd  7.27699         osd.11        up  1.00000 1.00000

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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Isn't that the way it is supposed to respond?  If a node goes missing the group states it is degraded. When the node re-attaches and syncs then the group goes to healthy status.

Why are you expecting it to be different?

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TREXmanAuthor Commented:
Hello David

Thank you for your hint - you are right.
I was looking at the wrong failure domains - which was the NODE and not the OSD at the crush map.
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