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Dear experts,

In my onenote16 I can see the option to draw shapes under menu Draw and Option shapes.
But there are so limited number of shapes, is there a way I can increase these in this option?

I am trying to draw circles for set theory and shade them. Once done, I want to group them so that I use it as picture. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you
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Kathy JacobsConnect With a Mentor Social media geekCommented:
You can't add to the official shapes, but there are a couple of work arounds.

Draw up the shapes in a drawing tool and drop them onto a page called "Shapes". You will then need to copy and paste the images to where you need them.

A second workaround is to rough draw your shapes in OneNote with a pen and create the final (shaded) drawing in a drawing tool. (I actually do the drawings in PPT because it is easier for me - many of the shapes you need are in the drawing tools there and shading is easier.)

One other note: With OneNote for Win10 becoming the only supported OneNote soon, you will want to get used to these work arounds. The drawing tools in that version are not even as good as the ones in OneNote 2016. #MyTwoCents
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